One thing you can count on is that DELUXE POMADE was developed
and made by a guy who takes pride in his stuff.  In the USA.
..... if you want your pomade to wash out then don't use DELUXE
POMADE, please go use gel or hairspray or whatever excuse of
a "pomade" it is.. Don't settle for less hold it with.....   DELUXE POMADE!!!
Here's a little history...
My Dad would tell me stories of when he grew up and
the hanging out and drive-ins that he and his buddies
would go to.  They would shove as many people as
they could into the back of this 53 merc.  He told me
stories of learning how to drive in a an old '36 that they
had to push start to go anywhere.. Sometimes they got
in a fights, sometimes they made time with a girl.  They
were good honest people and i cherish these stories.
I started fiddlin with making pomade for myself after
someone gave me a can of something else.  That was
about 1998..... I want you to know,  I've used some of the other
guy's stuff out there.  Some of it i liked, and some of it i didn't.
I always had my stuff back at home.
I'll tell you one thing though, I'm not too fond of someone repackaging
something already out there and callin' it their own. That ain't right, in fact,
i think that's cheatin' good descent people out of a buck.  Shame on them.....
I just didn't like how some of these guys would charge
15 bucks.  That's why an 4oz can of DELUXE POMADE
is $10.00.   So here's my stuff,  hope you enjoy it.

Keep it between the lines.. DELUXE POMADE
All Rights Reserved